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CWI Initiatives



Our fundraising team is responsible for raising money through events and initiatives to distribute to women’s shelters and organizations in need. 






The donations collected through our GoFundMe campaign are distributed at regularly scheduled intervals to different shelters/organizations.

Awareness & Writing

Our awareness and writing team works to educate the community about women’s issues in BC, Canada, and the world.


Our writers, editors, and infographic designers work together to create succinct, attention-grabbing, and educational material that reaches a variety of audiences.



Our education team offers unique educational sessions tailored to the individual needs of local women’s shelters and recovery houses.


We design and present physician-reviewed webinars that educate women on topics such as healthy habits, stress management, overcoming language barriers, and more.


Each week, our team members also provide one-on-one tutoring for children residing in women’s shelters to help the children complete homework, engage them in positive conversations, and relieve stress from parents.


Our communications team functions to allow for meaningful, effective correspondence between CWI and the women’s shelters we’re collaborating with.


This ensures the organizations we work with are always informed and updated on any new developments, events, or opportunities.


Our communication aims to strengthen our bond with the organizations we connect with; and provide continual empowerment and support in whatever we can.

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