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On October 1, 2023 the Community Women's Initiative will be reaching out to winners of our raffle! This is a purchase for entry to win the below prize!


Buy 3, get 1 free! with the coupon BUY4 at checkout.



Enter to win a $140 digital gift card to Vessi!

Raffle Entry - $140 Vessi Gift Card

  • A New Way To Think About Water

    In a world where most people complain about the rain, we believe there’s a bright side to wet weather.

    Vessi started as a way to get people out in the world on rainy days. But it didn’t take us long to realize that once you’re out there, that’s when the real magic happens. Water, whether falling from the sky or running by your feet, has the power to spark joy and connect us to the moment.


    Our Mission

    We’re on a mission to make getting outside and experiencing the magic of water easier and more joyful.


    How We Do It

    We create 100% waterproof shoes so you can feel confident, connected, and ready to #welcomethewater. But our products do more than let you thrive in water — they help support organizations that protect and provide it.


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